Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Little Bit of Something

As I look back at how I have used my blog, I find that I use it as a reflection tool. It allows me to take what I have read, written, or am thinking about and reflect on how it relates back to the course or topic for the week. This blog has been essential in allowing me to work through some issues or even venting (with reflection afterwards) on certain practices or assumptions. I have enjoyed using this blog, and I actually hope to keep it going on reflection of what I am reading or doing in my classroom.

Writing, to me, is the ability to take a thought that is being processed and put it down on paper or some piece of technology (phone, computer, etc.). Writing is a grocery list. Writing is a memoir. Writing is an e-mail. Writing is a research paper. Writing is a Facebook wall post. Writing is a formal letter to a friend. Writing is a memorandum. Writing is comparative analysis paper. Writing is a text message. Writing is a blog post. Ultimately, writing is almost unlimited. Without writing, how would a person be able to visually process a thought?

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