Saturday, March 26, 2011

Technology & Writing

I have always been a huge proponent of incorporating technology into the classroom. I have also realized that students do not realize how much writing they actually do on a daily basis. From Facebook to Twitter to texting, students are doing more writing than what was done in the past. However, is this writing actually hindering their formal writing or is it benefiting it? Honestly, I do not know.

As The National Commission on Writing did an study on technology and writing, it was interesting to see that students feel they are not well prepared. Although high school students may not always actively engage or want to participate in writing activities, I was shocked that students want to be able to "write good." I understand that most students want to do well in college. I also understand that students need writing activities that are relevant, creative, and have an interesting motive/audience. So, is this where technology should come into play?

When students are improving their writing, it should be enjoyable as they are learning. Writing should not be something they dread doing. Writing should be something they learn to enjoy because writing is done multiple times throughout the day. Why not apply technology appropriately as a way to strengthen writing?

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